Force Continuum

Law Enforcement, Military & First Responder Training

Force Continuum is designed to provide Military and Law Enforcement personal with the Physical and Mental strategies and techniques necessary to survive dangerous combat situations. This course teaches the same combat tactics and strategies that have been taught to the Navy SEALS, elite military, SWAT and special operations teams to prepare them for deadly encounters.

This course will teach you techniques from non-lethal to lethal force:

  • Officer Presence
  • Announcement of Authority
  • Verbal Commands
  • Balance Displacement
  • Empty Hand Control Techniques: Pressure points, Joint-Locks, Come-Alongs
  • Strikes to Muscle Areas
  • Take Downs
  • Baton Techniques
  • Kicks and Punches
  • Disarm arms
  • Mass Attacks
  • Intercept, Destruction’s
  • Rapid Assault Tactics (R.A.T.): Head Butts, Knees, Elbows